A country loving, welly wearing graphic designer, artist, stationer and farmers wife. I live in the Lincolnshire Wolds in a Grade ll listed Gate House with my husband, dogs, horses, 4 chickens and bees.

I believe in creating beautiful designs with purpose.

My Story

I’ve been a designer for over two decades, working in design agencies with all types of clients ranging from global brands to local authorities and everything else in between. I have been fortunate to work on projects big and small curating an enviable portfolio of work in the process. This experience has made me the designer I am today, but I always dreamed of being creative without the constraints of an agency.

For 10 years I had my own business running along side my day job, hoping one day to take the leap from corporate zombie to creative freedom. Then in 2015 enough was enough, I handed in my notice and I jumped, jumped straight into the deep end with no life vest and I’ve never looked back.

Now I get to spend my days on the farm creating purposeful, evolving designs for amazing businesses, drawing on extensive experience to create long-lasting brands with style and creative flair.

I’m passionate about building brands that have thoughtfully curated details and I always create with intention and from the heart. Making beautiful and inspiring designs with purpose is not only my mission but a fundamental value that my own business is built on. I also focus on excellent client service, quality over quantity and you always work directly with me.

I listen to your story, get to know your business and I create designs that reflect both your personality and your business style. How do I do this? Well I only take on a very limited number of new clients per year, this ensures that each project receives the time and attention it deserves from me.

What do I do when I'm not working?

So if you haven’t figured it out by now I live on farm! I live with my new husband (we got married in May), dog Roxy and horse Moon! I’m an Eat Natural bee-keeper and I love to forage around the farm and in hedgerows making preserves and booze from my hoard.

As an advocate for simple, slow living, I am passionate about supporting other small businesses and makers, shopping independently as often as I can.

It goes without saying that I love drawing, painting and anything that requires creating. I always choose to create something from scratch rather than buy something new, which is probably a good thing as I’m obsessed with teaching myself new things.

I absolutely love to read (I really want the library that Beast gives to Belle) devouring a book in an evening is not an uncommon sight in our house.