Asking for help and outsourcing are difficult decisions for any entrepreneur or small business owner. We operate in a world where we are constantly told that in order to grow our businesses we should be doing XYZ ourselves, thus saving money on professional fees, but what if this is actually damaging your business and stifling growth? 

I’m a firm believer that by being a Jack of all trades, you are

How much to invest in branding your business entirely depends on your financial circumstances and what stage you are at in your business. There’s no doubt about it that branding or a new website is an investment for any business and that’s exactly what it should be seen as, an investment. Investing in your business on any level is a sure fire way to see growth and therefore it shouldn’t

We've all seen them the logo's that look like they've come out of a factory, the logo's that are so fashion led that apart from having a different name you would struggle to know who they were. You swoon over the prettyness of them "if only my logo looked like that " a calligraphy font, a watercolour swoosh, maybe even in a circle? But do you ever stop to consider