Intentions and habits for 2019

January for me has been like groundhog day, I was plagued by illness and spent most of the first week in bed. After a few days of resting, the boredom kicked in, I had read everything that was on my waiting list, books, magazines all got consumed, bored.

The second week I was just as poorly but this time I was hit with something else, guilt. Not guilt of the I’ve done something wrong kind, but guilt for wanting to do nothing when I felt like I should have been doing something! Doing nothing is for me is a bit like asking a Polar Bear to tap dance on ice, it doesn’t happen and even if I have a Netflix Sunday I still have a sketch book with me, doodling and writing down ideas.

Deep down I knew I needed to rest but the thought of doing absolutely nothing was slowly driving me mad. I had read in a magazine article that a thriving life is largely determined by the extent of clear vision, habits and intentions. That your body and subconscious mind sharply focuses your emotional energy to create thoughts, ideas, and actions that align with your vision. If you do not set that vision and target, you will be firing aimlessly though life.

Last year I had very clear goals not intentions or habits but vision to, loose weight, get healthier, rebrand, get married, build my business, this year, nothing! I hadn’t even thought about creating any goals or New Years resolutions both of which I hate because I feel to pressured to succeed. But the thought of ‘firing aimlessly’ was not one I was overcome with joy by either. That’s when I decided to disregard the feelings of guilt and use my bed time to get clear on my intentions and habits for 2019. I like the idea of intentions more than goals and I know that setting intentions can make you more effective and productive.

When setting my intentions was tricky, I wrote down the usual things like loose weight, get healthy, earn X but they all seemed empty, so for each item on my list I asked myself two things. One, be more specific and two why. Why am I doing this or that, who am I doing it for, what am I doing it for? Once I had set my intentions it was time to think about my habits and how these would aid or discourage my intentions and whether the served me or what I was aiming for.

A habit is defined as actions that we do without thinking about it. Our brains looking to be more efficient and in the most part put as many things as possible an autopilot. In order to cultivate any trait or habit you desire to have, you need focus and repetition. We often can get ahead of ourselves, wanting to change multiple things at once. Unfortunately our brain doesn’t work like that and for me usually results in stress, overwhelm and mission aborted. So it’s imperative that I start small and do things I enjoy. Eventually after a lot of thinking time and being thankful that I was ill so that I had the time to work on these, I came up with my intentions for 2019.


  1. I intend to disconnect and recharge away from technology.
  2. I intend to make meditation part of my lifestyle.
  3. I intend to create a physical body that is healthy and filled with energy.
  4. I intend to buy less and simplify more.
  5. I intend to stop taking things personally.
  6. I intend to make someone smile every day.
  7. I intend to follow less and lead more.
  8. I intend to think less and go with my gut more.
  9. I intend to please less and stay true to myself more.
  10. I intend to require less perfection from myself and accept where I am.

In order to attain these intentions I’ve decided on three new daily habits of which each intention is covered consciously or subconsciously.

Habit 1. Mindfully walk for 30 minutes a day.
Habit 2. Create an allotment garden and spend 30 minutes everyday growing my own and being more self sufficient.
Habit 3. Reduce my screen time, phone, computer and TV to no more than 6 hours a day.


  1. I intend to lead by example.
  2. I intend to be open to success and abundance.
  3. I intend to stop taking things personally.
  4. I intend to make every minute I work to be filled with fun, creativity, excitement and positive surprises.
  5. I intend to work with like-minded people.
  6. I intend to find meaning in my work, be it the broadest dreams or tiniest details.
  7. I intend to follow less and lead more.
  8. I intend to think less and go with my gut more.
  9. I intend to please less and stay true to myself more.
  10. I intend to require less perfection from myself and accept where I am more.

Habit 1. Spend 1 hour every day drawing, painting, generating ideas regardless of what for.
Habit 2. Spend 30 minutes a day organising work related items including emails and my desktop.
Habit 3. Reduce my social media time to no more than 20 minutes a day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my intentions and habits for 2019 and chose to set your own or just steal mine, either way I would love to hear your thoughts over on Instagram over the next few days but for now you’ll find me in the greenhouse planting some early seeds and doodling.