Why having an adaptable brand is important!

We’ve all seen them the logo’s that look like they’ve come out of a factory, the logo’s that are so fashion led that apart from having a different name you would struggle to know who they were. You swoon over the prettyness of them “if only my logo looked like that ” a calligraphy font, a watercolour swoosh, maybe even in a circle? But do you ever stop to consider a. what is the relevance of this prettyness to the brand and b. what will happen in two – three years time when logo fashions change?


Why having an adaptable brand is important!The best logos are adaptable and ever evolving


Identities shouldn’t be lead by ‘logo fashions’, fashions are created in the large by designers who upload their designs to stock websites for other designers or business owners to purchase, add their names to and then use or perhaps more cynically by designers copying other designers work, creating a ripple effect of brands that look identical. These logos whilst beautiful lack the thoughfulness that goes into creating a one-off design, a design that captures the essence of a company, a design created with soul!

The best logos and brand identities are the ones that have an idea at the heart of them, are consistent, protectable, evolve over time and become well-loved. For example Apple has adapted its execution through eras – not situations, remember the rainbow coloured apple? MTV by contrast adapts frequently to it’s changing audience and music trends.

Our modern world moves so fast that everything and everyone has to adapt to keep up and ahead. Innovation through technology and social media opens up a new exciting world that demands a new approach, where logo’s and identities can be created to live, move and interact in a whole new dimension.

My ethos is to work with business owners who are looking to create long lasting ideas, based on core design foundations that allow their brand to evolve as they continue to thrive.

Now more than ever companies need to work hard to inspire people as well as gain their trust and designers that are able to create flexible brand identities for forward-thinking companies are a must.